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Call for Papers

The InfoSec Southwest staff are now soliciting papers to be presented at our 2013 conference to be held April 19th through April 21st 2013 in Austin, Texas.

Who Should Submit

InfoSec Southwest is intended to be a general security and hacking conference with no specific industry or topical focus. As such, nearly all topics (other than vendor pitches) are fair game and the attending audience is expected to span all demographics. Thus, we cordially invite anyone who has a paper to present to submit for inclusion in the conference.

Conference Format

InfoSec Southwest currently has two tracks slated for presentation. The first track is intended for traditional, full-length presentations and lectures. This is the track where lectures selected via the CFP process will be presented. The second track is modeled after our local AHA! (Austin Hackers Association) group's monthly meetings and is an open forum for first-come, first-served lighting and turbo talks.

Submission Procedure

Ensure that your materials are COMPLETE! It is far easier for us to review, and will increase your chances of being selected, if you submit full and complete materials. Such materials may include the full paper you are submitting, lecture slides that you will be using, and all of the information listed below.

Collect the following information for your submission:

  • Lecture Title: The name of your lecture.
  • Presenter Name(s): The name that you or your group will be presenting under.
  • Presenter Bio(s): 150 word biography for you or your entire group.
  • Company or Organization: Name of the company or organization you will be speaking on behalf of, if any.
  • Company or Organization Bio: 150 word biography for your organization, if any.
  • Lecture Abstract: 200 word abstract for your lecture.
  • Lecture Description: Detailed description of your lecture and it's topic.
  • Lecture History: List of other conferences or publications where your lecture or paper has been presented or published, with dates.
  • Requirements: Any specific requirements your lecture requires beyond the standard power, audio/video, and Internet connectivity provided.

Submit all of your materials and the collected information to

Speaker Selection Panel

The following panel will be reviewing and selecting submitted lectures for the conference schedule:

  • Pedram Amini - Bon Vivant
  • Tod Beardsley - Rapid7, Metasploit
  • Marc Eisenbarth - Arbor Networks

Important Dates

  • 2013.01.06: Call for Papers Opens
  • 2013.03.01: Call for Papers Deadline
  • 2013.03.15: Final Speaker Selections Announced and Notifications Sent
  • 2013.04.19: InfoSec Southwest 2013 Conference Registration and Reception
  • 2013.04.20: InfoSec Southwest 2013 Conference Day 1
  • 2013.04.21: InfoSec Southwest 2013 Conference Day 2

Speaker Remuneration

Let's face it, without speakers there would be no conference. As an honored guest who is providing our conference with your content, we make every attempt to compensate you for this as much as we possibly can. Please note however that as we are a very new conference with a relatively small attendance and there are a lot of financial unknowns, much of this compensation is in the form of gratis products and services. Speaker remuneration for speakers selected from the CFP currently consists of:

  • 2 Full Conference Passes (1 speaker and 1 general attendance badge)
  • 1 InfoSec Southwest 2012 Speaker challenge coin
  • This achievement badge
  • Access for yourself and a guest to the speaker reception dinner
  • 2 VIP passes for the Saturday Night Party
  • Cash payment if we are able to secure enough conference sponsorships.