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In addition to the lecture tracks, we have a few other interesting things going on at InfoSec Southwest that you may enjoy:

Saturday Night Party

Get Your Blink On!
The Gypsy Lounge
1504 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702

Party On Saturday night InfoSec Southwest, in conjunction with our sponsors, will host the official conference party. Brought to you by the team that brought you the No More Cheap Bugs and ExploitHub parties during the 2011 and 2012 BlackHat and DEFCON conferences, our party is not just another stuffy conference party. Attendees will get a feel for some of the awesome Austin nightlife.

This year's conference party is entitled "Get Your Blink On!" and is loosely electronic/blink/lightup themed. If you have any interesting light up, glow, or blinky gadgets, gizmos, or whatzamathingies that would be appropriate for the theme, by all means bring them with you!

Demolition Derby Capture the Flag

Welcome to our own take on Capture the Flag. In the Demolition Derby CTF, nearly everything goes. The competition network will also be crowdsourced, so we can't tell you beforehand exactly what to expect. In short, this competition will be complete CHAOS.

Lockpick Village

Lockpick Village

The Longhorn Lockpick Club from the University of Texas will be providing a Lockpick Village in our chill area. Come practice your locksport, mingle with other lockthusiests, and attend mini-lectures on various aspects of lockpicking.

Closing Ceremonies Raffle

During closing ceremonies we'll be raffling off a number of items graciously donated by our sponsors.